Go Wireless, be agile or just get portable

Fo-Fi has built in Bluetooth facility, so you can just go Wireless. Just connect your Bluetooth speakers, headsets and other Bluetooth devices with Fo-Fi and enjoy your favourite music, movies, shows and games.

Bluetooth Gaming

Go Wireless, be agile or just get portable - Connect Wireless Game controllers, consoles or gaming headphones with Fo-Fi and appreciate the thrilling experience of gaming.

Bluetooth earbuds or headphones

The biggest benefit of Bluetooth earbuds or headphones is the ability to be cord-free, as well as hands free, for ultimate mobility. No cables means zero fuss and no unwinding the knots they make. Wireless earbuds are great devices for people who run or workout to music.

Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

Fo-Fi adapts very well with Bluetooth mouse & keyboard, as they are mobile and have a great range. Fo-Fi helps in creating a productive working environment by giving you a high level of portability.

Bluetooth Speakers

One major advantage of Bluetooth speakers is portability. Their low power consumption makes them an ideal choice. No need of installation. The connection between the speakers and Fo-Fi can be established automatically. You need not hunt for drivers or installation CDs.

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